WORLD PREMIERE in West Hollywood!

We are delighted to announce that HERBIE has been selected to premiere at the Dances with Films Festival in West Hollywood!

The first showing will be on Saturday June 3rd at 2:45pm at the TCL Chinese Theater. A huge thank you to our cast and crew, and for the wonderful DWF team as well, for helping us make this happen; Tickets can be purchased here. Hurry up, before the Chinese Theater is sold out!



HERBIE SPOON – a naïve and emotionally imbalanced 30-year-old – dreams of becoming a successful life coach who inspires people and offers them guidance. His master plan: to start out by making YouTube videos with the help of his filmmaker friend, GINNIE. The only problem is that he keeps messing up during the shoot. Instead of a series of clips with him offering good advice, we end up with a bunch of hilarious outtakes… that he does not find funny. Will he eventually succeed or is he on the wrong path ?


When facing challenging situations in life, I often enjoy listening to motivational speakers and life coaches on YouTube. I’ve always been fascinated by the profession of a life coach, because of how meaningful it must be to be able to inspire others and offer them guidance.

But one day I started asking myself if all of these online gurus actually practice what they preach in their own lives. It was right then and there that the idea for ‘Herbie’ came alive. Being a filmmaker who mostly focuses on comedies, I wanted to touch on a contemporary subject but with a comedic twist added to it. ‘Herbie’ is not only a quirky look at the different outtakes of a life coach’s videos. It is a story that takes us on a journey towards self-discovery and embracing who we are.

Ralph Bismargi 



Matt Vladimery


Laura Woody


Tiffany Hofstetter


Jim Sheppard

Meditation Student

Zelda Rittner


Sebastian Marx

Comedy Host


Ralph Bismargi

Director, Producer & Writer

Michael Ingledew

Co-producer, Director of Photography & Editor

Jeremy Coffman

Production Manager

Clément Barda

Sound Engineer & Sound Mixer

Max Mitrochine

Camera Assistant

Katherine Evans

Set Decorator & Production Assistant

Ludivine François

Make-up Artist

Efrén Hernandez

Still Photography

Zéphyr Perrier

Music Composer